Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rain or Shine Canal Biker

DAY 1 Friday, July 3
Time: 55min going. 47min back.
Weather: Smoldering warm 25C/77F
Summary: Stopped twice for water and oxygen break. Didn't know how long it would take, or if I could make it. Plus, I also didn't really know the way. Rode so very inchworm slow that I could have crawled past myself on all fours. On the way back, only stopped at the lights.

DAY 2 Monday, July 6
Time: 40min going. 45min back.
Weather: No consequence
Summary: Goal do not stop. Hung backpack on handlebars so I could reach my water. Surprised that I carved 15 minutes off my first day time. Must have unknowingly had the wind at my back.

DAY 3 Tuesday, July 7
Time: 41min going. 46min back.
Weather: Crosswind to work. Rainy home.

Summary: My own personally imposed challenge,'The Real Rabobank Tour', will have me peddling at a snail's pace to work and back. Colleagues encouraged a helmet cam, and a sponsored car handing off water and bananas.

Climbing over the Amsterdam Shipping Canal the bike path narrows, so does my wind pipe. That's where I have been needing and entourage offering beverages, a tailwind, an oxygen tank, adrenaline pumping music and a cool, moist towelette.

View from canal bridge

Body Frame
What's silly, I don't have the body frame of a biker riding in the Tour de France in July, or any month. World famous Texas Pro Cyclist Lance Armstrong is riding 150 miles a day. I've got a challenging, mostly flat 7 miles. Without World, Famous, Professional or Cyclist in my title, Lean Lance and I share only our Texasness.

Girl dragging her fresh, new puppy out of harm's way


  1. Great journal of your biking. Keep it up. I will read.

    Love you,


  2. Tammy, this is amazing. You are an inspiration. Keep it up... I'll keep reading too!

    Hugs & Love,