Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moist Canal Biker

DAY 4 Wednesday
44min going. 46min back.
Weather: Raining the whole way there. Wind in face on the way back, but dry.

Showed committment today. Brought extra dry clothes to work in a plastic shopping bag. Arrived after a 44minute shower, resembling an unfriendly, unwanting wet dog forced to stand still in tub for a defleaing.

Wardrobe Malfunction
Put on fairy light shirt over big red, heavy head. At the coffee machine, the boss noticed my corporate outfit was draping over my radiating body with the seams exposed on the outside. Will have to practice my wardrobe change.

Angry, wet Unibomber
Inner Commentator
Because Ipod charging cable is lost, I am still riding alone with my thoughts and my inner commentator. As my legs ached way too early on my return trip, pondered if I was involved in a 'false flat'. Maybe causing lactate build up in legs or thighs, not breast.

False Flat
Heard on TV about the Tour Riders in Monaco climbing on a false flat. Announcer was all knowing. Sounded mean not to tell them. Was this mysterious false flat sapping my juju and mojo?

Kept glancing at my slowly rotating tires. Strained but not flat. No juju leaks. False flat tire. False flat ground. False flat climb. Inner announcer wasn't sharing the cause of my true/false test. Was truly tested and felt truly flat.

True Headwind
Decided to favor rain over headwind. As if I will have a choice tomorrow or for my next three weeks. Rain AND a headwind AND a hill climb is a combo I am not in favor of.

Trip in: 6 riders passed me
Trip back: 17 people passed me
Numbers I passed: 1 older 60plusser who stopped to put on her rain jacket

My last two overtakers 16 & 17


  1. Hi Tammie, great idea and nice posts! Go Tammie, go!

  2. Brilliant idea Tammie - I love the combination of torture and humour as well as your 'world famous' writing style - it's all true and funny. Don't let the hill / headwind / rain / hail / lightning / floods or small dogs put you off.

  3. I can't stop looking at the second picture...I have never seen you looking so angry before. Did you really try to kick that girl's dog on the way past? I forgot that helmets aren't compulsory in NL...I was wondering how you managed to get through your working day with helmet hair. Same is true of wind-blown hair I suppose. Love to see the shot of you changed and ready for work (looking triumphant or still angry?).. xxx

  4. hey it is simone, not klaas, who is thinking about your hair-do and signing off with kisses

  5. This blog is very entertaining, especially since it's so close to me! I never realised that you are cycling Harmelen-Utrecht. I used to do De Meern (village next to Harmelen)-Utrecht when I went to highschool in Utrecht. Loved it! Brings back lots of childhood memories....