Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heavy Canal Biker

Time: 43min going. 45min back.
Weather: Blue, gray. Windless to work. Headwind home.

Today, I made 100 kilometers. But no joke, I feel heavy. Heavy on the bike. Heavy on my couch. Exercise-wise, I have gone from ZERO to 100 in just 5 days. Monumental. My thigh and shoulder muscles are giving me the 5Ws (who, what, where, when, why). I don't hurt. I just have no physical power. Noodley.

Noodley and raspy
Speaking of noodles, I haven't cooked dinner since I started my journey. Just to stir the stir-fry seems too effortful for my formidable forearms. My throat also feels raspy and raw certainly from all the heavy breathing. I've been taking in a lot of air. And a lot more food. Biking makes a girl hungry.

Sore Toe Cleavage
The Rabo guys are taking turns falling off the bike. Can't get a break, says the press. Except Gesink, rookie Tour rider who snapped his wrist and rode another 70km/50miles to finish. I have no legitimate complaints.

@Gesink: "I understand your pain, today I wore some fake Birkenstocks that rubbed in between my toes when I peddled to work."

Pity Tumble
Maybe I will take a pity tumble to stay with the Tour theme. They are trying too hard. Enjoy the ride guys. Keep your seats. Prediction: I'll have a nasty fall before the Tour is over. Hope I am not wearing my white pants.

Grumpy Pose
I am also trying too hard. I am in a constant concentrated squint, my forehead is all lumpy with 'keep going, do not stop' wrinkles. I am rubbing a hole in the delete picture button. I have two poses, grumpy or struggling with mouth open sucking air. It's becoming a mental and physical combat.

My 100 kilometer moment, see the joy
Losing to Thor
How do the Tour guys combat the mental monster and keep peddling? Stage 6 Rabo's Oscar Freire lost at the line to a guy name Thor. I wouldn't mind Thor overtaking me (in the bicyclical sense). No shame in losing to Thor. I am being overtaken by Willemina's and Henny's and mom's named Miriam mule-packing two kids.

Trip in: 6 bikers passed me.
Trip back: 17 bikers passed me.
Number I passed: 4 this morning, four teen boys who must have already been late to school. I have no pride. They were moving slow on the other side of the canal. I needed the victory.

Canal Tour picture de jour, teen girls on pink scooter

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