Sunday, July 12, 2009

Confrontational Canal Biker

DAY 7 Saturday, July 11
Time: 44min total to shop & back
Weather: Sunny, insignificant wind.

Took 5 year old to get ice cream, homemade Italian ice cream. And, to buy self a new scale. Tried not to stare at him eating ice cream or feel punished. New scale calculates your body fat and water weight, too. What a bonus, confronting feature.

Big Boned
I always heard "you are just big boned." But, if we add up my fat weight and water weight percentages, we get 97.6 %. Leaving only 2.4% for my bones and hair. All these years I blamed heavy bones. And hairy legs.

DAY 8 Sunday, July 12
Time: 1 hour approx. family ride
Weather: Perfect temp, puffs of wind.

Watched Rabo boys climb and Oscar take third in Stage 9. Then, inspired my own boys to ride the canal, but the other direction. Away from work. Always have to lure them out of the house with ice cream or steak. See the smiles.

Will Ride for Food
We need to get in family mindset that exercise has some benefit. Ride to ride. Not to go get food.

Little 'Nolte Farms' sponsorship

Names in Fries
Snapped pics of the boys on the canal. From the side. From the back. From the front. We stopped at a restaurant and experienced typical slow service. Kept Adam entertained by having him spell family names and Wii games characters with his french fries.

Photo not doctored
On the way back, I gave Niels the camera. Mostly I am headless or conveniently out of shot or focus.

He also took pics from front, side and behind. At angles I cannot reach or get with the BlackBerry. Was confronted with self globally from 360 degrees.

Lessons Learned
Need to a new, more supportive bra...stick with BlackBerry at arm's length instead of WIDE angles. And, need to...keep riding my bike.

Have library-ed several photos for the BEFORE file, only to be revealed if there is a substantial change in the AFTER files.

Keep the pace
Monday is a day off for the Tour de France and also for me. I am 2 days and more than 1000 miles off the pace. I have made a new commitment to get on the bike and ride every day, even if I am not going to work. If I ride tomorrow, I am just one day down. Must force some changes in exercise plan and water-fat-bone ratios.

Bend in the canal on the way to Harmelen village


  1. Nice one Tammie! Loving this blog, it's all so familiar since it's next to my parents' house. You'll pass every day on the way (and back) to/from work.

  2. Bless ya Tom. Glad it isn't boring to those who have been riding the canal for years. I am starting between Harmelen and De Meern. It takes me about 13 minutes to get to the clock tower in De Meern. Then 30 minutes to Utrecht Central. Menno's sister said it took her 45 minutes from Harmelen to Utrecht, and Menno could do it in half that time. I am not being competitive, but how long id it used to take you when you rode to school on the canal? Send me an e-mail with the number of your parents house. I can take a pic!

  3. Tammie, you were born to bike and blog! Keep it up!