Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Giant Canal Biker

DAY 11
Time: 36.54min (PB) going
42.42min coming home
Weather: Perfect.

Keep getting questions about my personal hygiene linked to my bike rides. "Don't you sweat?" and "Is there a shower at work?" and "Do you smell?"

All from females. Guys ask "What kind of bike do you have?" and...well actually that is all guys ask me.

Purple Union Bike
Ladies second. I have a basic, no frills, Dutch brand Union bike. My friend Simone gave me the bike for free when she moved to Australia. Sturdy enough. One gear, or no gears. No hand brakes, pedal brakes. Purple. Not too pretty to steal. What? Someone would steal your bike? No, not this bike.

At first, it was difficult for me to lock my bike when parking in front of the neighborhood grocery store or at the doctor's office. Coming from small town Texas, everybody knows you, your granny, Booger Junior your cousin by marriage and the last time you farted. I thought, "I live with these people. Who's going to steal my bike?"

Dutch learning curve
I've had three bikes stolen in my 13 years here. It is very deflating when your bike is just gone. Didn't you park it right here? Did you take your bike to the train station? Did you walk today? Maybe it's on the other side of this...nuh uh. That's funny. Wasn't it here, right here? Nope. GONE.

Giant Biker
If I had a fantastic bike, I'd just have to worry about when it would be stolen. When I am discovered, and Giant sees my commercial potential, they will want me to ride the new Rabobank Pro Tourbike as a publicity stunt. Me on this bike, a picture of fitness in motion. Very fast motion.

Do I want to be the poster girl for a GIANT anything? I don't want to shop at "Big BiGGER BIGGEST", "Grandios" or "Fatty Tat Tat" for my rain ponchos and biker shorts.

If they donate gear, I may rethink my pride. Support Tammie the Giant Canal Biker. Could I wear this t-shirt? Cringe. You can wear it.

Sorry ladies. I can't talk about sweat and smells because of the possibilities for French deodorant sponsorships. In these tough economic times, more likely that someone like colleagues, will donate a can of spray deodorant, than a Giant TCR Advanced Rabobank bike.

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