Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sustainable Canal Biker

DAY 16
35:03min (PB) to work, 37.01min home
Weather: Morning overcast, hint of rain, but no rain. Afternoon, sunny, comfortable.

Days Gone By
Tomorrow is three weeks since I started the canal ride. In three weeks, have improved my time by 20 minutes going to work and 10 minutes coming home. Remember 55 minutes on Day 1, with two water and oxygen breaks?

Time Trials at the Tour
Knew today was the time trial at Tour de France. Pushed self to pump legs consistently and hoped for green lights. Racing against myself, and today I won. Best overall total time 72.04 minutes.

What's Your Time?
Have a small following of very encouraging people at work. Coworkers who take one look at me in the morning, without a 'hello' or 'good morning', but start with 'So?' or 'What was your time?' People who think it is a blessing for my bike rides and health that the '87 Rabbit is in the shop. Makes it compulsory for me to ride the bike to work, mine or the mechanic's rapid riding 3-speeder.

Bomb on Wheels
Not a blessing that I was sold a rolling bomb. Gas tank leaks when full. Exhaust pipe corroded and faulty. Start switch not connected properly. Seen any movies where the exhaust, starter and gas tank are involved in some kind of explosion? Mafia movies. John Grisham movies.

Mistaken for Terrorist
Would probably be hauled off to international court in Belgium if I tried to park next to the American Embassy in The Hague. How does previous owner Jeroen sleep at night? He watched me pull away from his mama's house with my son strapped to a busted gas tank. How do I sleep at night?

Saving Carbon Emissions
Calculated the daily C02 production of my Rabbit going to and from work. Mind you, there is no leaky gas tank option or a 1987 button. Where I have been unable to lose weight, I have found a new way to feel some compensation for my rides. My car trip would produce 2.5kilos/5.5lbs of carbon dioxide everyday.

Losing Air Weight
On the bike up to now, I have kept 40kilos/88pounds of pollution out of our Dutch air. Should focus on my sustainbility and CO2 weight losses, instead of BMI and 'muscle' weight gain. Should keep riding until I match my body weight in CO2 compensation.

Somehow it is easier to lose 5 pounds of polluted air, than it is to lose 5 pounds of body weight. How much does air weigh? Losing 5 pounds of air is much more impressive skill, task, goal. Focus on what is achievable. How much air did you save today?

Trip in: 5 people passed me.
Trip home: 3 people passed me.

Real Dutch scene, woman traveling on bike with bouquet of flowers, and a tractor in the city


  1. That tractor was just a reminder that your people in Texas are pulling for you! I went for a ride around Nome this week on Mom's bike, no gears. I tried to map out seven miles. Not possible. I went down Kotz Rd all the way to the Abney barn, took a right to Florida (the other street besides Kotz that goes through the whole town). Took Florida all the way to the highway 326. Turned around and did the same loop back. I don't even think it was four miles. Point = you inspired me to try!!!

  2. GO COUSIN CRYSTAL! You made me cry! It is hard to find a safe place to ride around Nome I am sure. Nome to Sour Lake is 7 miles. There's a shoulder. The bridge over the railroad in Sour Lake is the showstopper. You can be Daily Nome Biker! Thanks for this really.

  3. But I don't work in Sour Lake, I work in China! :)