Friday, July 10, 2009

Off Road Canal Biker

15min total for school duty
Weather: Off/On blustery

Today I was just the writer. Not the rider. Had day off Friday.

Took 3-hour morning nap. Bet the Tour de France guys could have used one of those. I watched some Tour from the couch while I worked an article for work and pictures seen here. Tough climbing for the guys on Stage 7, as far as I could assess sitting on my slightly saddle sored ass.

Last Day of School
Took the bike for a little spin. No climbs. No false flats. Just to son's school and back. Twice. The school is about 10 frisbee throws away. We rode around trying to snap action shots along the canal. Adam, 5, cold, and not loving it.

His forced smile looks like I just stepped on his toe or karate chopped him in his Adam's apple. BTW, he is sitting on a bike seat that hangs on the handlebars. I mention this in case you thought he was struggling to peddle us both to school.

It's about the journey
I got on the scale today. Determined that I must have lost weight after pumping my chubbiness around for 100 kilometers. But inner commentator warned, "It's not about the weight, it's the journey." As I stood there newborn baby naked, the numbers stopped. An impressive 10 pound loss, in one week?

Then gasp. The digital digits started to climb faster than Rabo's Menchov. I had a 20 pound gain. A gain? How's that possible?

Only slowed to take the pic, didn't stop, not my green bike

Lost and Found
Muscle mass? Carbo loading? Neighborhood ice cream truck that you can set your watch by? Dominoes on the last leg home?

Dead battery on scale. I put on my smallest pair of jeans to make sure I had not gained or lost 20 pounds. Neither.

Extra Pictures
Since the canal is the star and it's about the journey, I have added a few of the week's pictures that are awesome, but alas didn't have an intriguing story.

Red geraniums on a Dutch house facing the canal

Dutch sky is often black and white, so here is a color photo to prove that once this week, the sky was blue for a fraction of a second

I want a boat. If you are reading and own this boat, take me for a ride. It looks like you could live on this little boat. You, not me. And only if you are 3 feet tall and 7 years old.

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